Xi is a very common Chinese name. It has a lot of meaning. For example, Xi can mean that you like something in Chinese. But they are a lot of Xi. For example, 喜 and 西 are just two of the many Xis in the Chinese Dictionary. But otherwise it is a pretty name for both girls and boys. But mostly girls.
Even the president of China has a name that has Xi in it. So if your name is Xi don't be embarrassed of that name, you have to hold your head up and be proud of your name. That goes for anyone for has a embarrassing or weird name.
by Zentangle123 January 25, 2018
One of many two and sometimes 3 letter words played at least 5 times a game in Words With Friends by some bastard with the effect of totally bollocksing up the placement of future tiles and sending your opponent into a dick punching rage
Fucking Dicker just busted out xi again and now theres 43 letters remaining and only room for 3 letter words.
by Bullyrammer October 25, 2013
The greek letter that measures Spaeths

cotthead is emmiting 50,000 Xi's of spaeth
by bobby reck June 11, 2006

Look cloSer.
by JessAFK April 30, 2009
Short for Christi/Christina in the same way Xmas is short for Christmas.
Hi Xi.
by RangaMate June 28, 2010
XIS. a.k.a. Xiamen International School. An international school that is in the middle of nowhere which no one other than International Students have heard. Also, none of the students actually like their own school. It is a school where everyone knows everyone else.
"What school do you go to?"
"Where is that?"
by No0ne2 October 21, 2011
A cute, smart, and, wonderful woman. She loves dogs, k-drama, and, anime. She's one of the nicest and kindest person you'll ever meet.
:pre kilala mo si Xi-Xi?
:uu pre, crush ko pa na siya gani.
by jabii June 1, 2021