A sad person who needs help and is often named "a sheep" and hides behind others. Also, a person who is always trying to impress others, even at the dispense of those closest to him.
Joe: "Maximilian Glenister said that your gonna ask out my girl?"
Harry: "Joe, he told me your gonna tell everyone I have a crush on Sally..."
by CRYTAON September 6, 2017
The greatest human to exist bc they very extra and hot. They are so caring and affectionate to those they love. They are mostly into sports that are aquatic such as swimming because they are low-key fish. Matthew Maximilian's will go against everything that they have been raised up with and change their beliefs (religion) if they're passionate about it. Though they may be a player *COUGH COUGH* at a certain point in life, they eventually leave their fudgeboy ways. They are also very smart, but hella lazy so they don't use their intelligence to the MAXIMUM. ( get it heh cause maximilian ) Their taste in music ranges from Kpop to sad love songs which is mostly why they ever get sad. Their favorite group in Kpop is most likely Blackpink, primarily Jennie. ;) Overall, Matthew Maximilian's are the most handsome, skilled, talented, smart, amazing, godly, FUNNY and amazing humans. If you ever happen to meet a Matthew Maximilian, dont take them for granted because they are most likely going to be your most favorite person ever. Also, they love boba and Korean fried chicken. UPKO.
by jeonghan November 8, 2018
An elite name, deriving from King Maximilian of the Roman Empire. "Maximilian Margolis" has its main origins in Australia and Argentina. The name directly translates to "the richest."
I wish I was Maximilian Margolis
by God___________________ May 24, 2021
69102 West Belleview Street. Aurora, New York. His 3 favorte things in the world is REDACTED Geo, Minecraft pvp, and Market Gardening. Go raid his house. He is a racist REGGIN.
Is that Maximilian Richtards? He's a REGGIN that lives in 69102 West Belleview Street.
by Jacob Gould April 7, 2022
he is an absolute lad with a penis ranging from 100 - 110 inches. also he is well fit and has at least 5 girls on him at a time.
person 1: look its maximilian james robert haley!
person 2: you dont say look how many girls their are... and the size of those trousers!
by jessssssss da bruda November 12, 2013
Maximiliane is a sexy bitch, she's extremely hot and very big. She's always funny and loves to annoy people,especially her teachers. She has a big heart and a bigger pussy,biiiiiitches. Everyone who meets her, loves her directly. Maxi is her nickname. She wants to be named like this above all, during sexual activities, because she loves that she's that big, as the dick of her partner. Everyone loves Maximiliane, she's great.
Maximiliane is the female name of Maximilian.
by bickdick271199 October 13, 2017
German name, female. Not to confuse with 'Maximilian', which is a boys name. Since there are literally 0,0001% of girls called Maximiliane, you can feel special if you know one. And even more special if you can call one your friend.
" My best friend's called Maximiliane"
"FOR REAL?! My grandma used to tell me about Maximilianes... I never thought they really existed"

"Hey, I'm Maximiliane"

"... Maximilian? But you're a girl.

Aren't you?"
by carly00 January 28, 2017