Austrian, can basically mean anything. Some examples are: dude, damn, ew, yayy, amazing, wow, omg, oh man, *being surprised*, stop that, you're so hot, *not understanding sth*, wtf,...
Oida, you're hot.
Oida, look at that hot girl.
Oida, this is an amazing view.
Oida, it stinks.
Oida, stop looking at my boobs.
Oida, why is maths so complicated.
Oida, I got the best job ever.
Oida, thank you for that present
by asdfghgfdsfghfdsdfgh March 16, 2021
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"Oida" is a german/austrian/bavarian expression, which means the same like "dude", "dawg" etc.
Oida, have you seen that hot chic?
by Seiger November 26, 2008
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Captn Oida is there, whenever you need a clear up of a situation no other captn cant explain. Must be austrian or bavarian
9gag user: captn, you make no sense, its time to call Captn Oida
by Lars Jer September 16, 2019
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What you mean she don't feel the same in a good way?
wanna fight? 💐
don't feel the same!
Oida 🌌
by tribe-founding April 30, 2019
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