Who is it that you love ???
How about some clues?
by Smiles 123 October 8, 2023
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A Discord Username Tag which is commonly used for users with Nitro.
Fill-In#8902 : Hello!
Reuilop#0001 : I just got my Discord Tag as #0001!
Ioerow#6429 : Wow Congrats!
by UrbanReader2242 April 24, 2021
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cutest and silliest discord user on the planet. Meow Meow
"I dont like ley#0001" - some loser
"shut up dork" - gigachad
"meow meow" - ley#0001
by meow_meow_owo February 23, 2023
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He is the pure definition of a CHAD. He is the chaddest of all chads. He is so chad that he built the Berlin Wall.
Dude, I wish I was like Mauser#0001, I don't want to be a virgin anymore...
by ChadnessofMauser July 10, 2022
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Perc#0001 is a famous black cybercriminal refered to as ImUtterlyInsane. He is responsible for multiple hacks to popular game called ROBLOX. He is the main reason ROBLOX was shutdown in 2019.
Woah Perc#0001 is such a hot cyber criminal.
by ROBLOXfanatic April 11, 2022
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top tier discordian , probably the most known person on discord known for being a god.
guy: bro no way np#0001 is in chat
by wtftyifo May 12, 2022
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