a very handsome person. mentally and physically strong, a Maximilian will do anything for anyone but can easily cut people off who don't show appreciation back. Maximilian is a very sexy person in the bed ;) he will make you so horny that you go crazy for him. He is great in the bed too.
Girl 1: what type of guy do you want?\
Girl 2: i want a Maximilian
by sex god 102 February 23, 2019
Gods source of all power, genius, sexy mother fucker, likes to kill people name ken, loves women, great in bed, greatest known man in all of the free world
by Anonymous May 7, 2003
Another word for cunt or dick.

Do avoid
Avoid that Maximilian, he's such a dick
by Dheh February 24, 2019
Maximilian is that guy that has a huge penis and he is so beautiful
by I like fellas January 31, 2020
His words will make you fall head over heals and his touch will make you pass out. The most passionate man you will ever meet. They are great at sports and getting girls. Over all just amazing!!
Oh my god is that a Maximilian!?!?
by Gxxx. December 7, 2015
Passionate and romantic. Not only is he a man that is honest and trustworthy but he has the power to make any girl fall in love with him just by using his words. He is physically beautiful and loves to play sports. Amazing in bed and great at holding conversations.He will never play with your feelings but he will sure let you know if he thinks you are playing with his. He speaks his mind and is very independent. Loves to eat and is a great person to ventilate your deep thoughts too. Model attributes and can make even the hard to get girls chase him. Amazing kisser and even a better lover. Once you meet a Maximilian you will be scarred forever by how perfect he can be,so take risks and don't be afraid of falling for his amazing charm.
"Wow! he is perfect,reminds me of Maximilian."
"You kiss just like a maximilian, leave me breathless everytime."
"Do you work at Calvin Klein,cause you look like Maximilian".
by unknownbeast August 21, 2011
The coolest guy in town. All the girls love him and want to be with him. He can charm women into doing anything with his words and his touch.
OMG! He is such as Maximilian
by john mugster October 29, 2018