When you and someone else are in an argument, and the other person says they are better than you (scored more goals in a game, got a better grade, etc.) and you tell them you got the better grade or what not, adding on the end, "sup dude?" in a nonchalant manner, just to rub it in.
Jake- "Hey man, how'd you do on the test last week?"
Mike- "I got a 95, how'd you do?"
Jake- "I got a 98, sup dude?"
by Supdude93 April 21, 2009
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a name given to a person of whom knows you but you can't recall his name to save your life. portmanteau of What's Up + Dude.
SupDude: Hey Hey Hey Mike!

Mike:Hey........ SupDude!


Amanda:Who was that?

Mike: SupDude.
by AgentSakur9 March 01, 2010
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A phrase extremely overused by people who are getting shittttyy! Often used as a retorical question agreeing to another persons comment instead of actually asking someone whats up.
"dude brad this chicken is delicous!"
"sup dude!"
by barnabus. January 04, 2007
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Noun: Refers to an acquaintance, FaceBook friend, classmate, work associate, indirect friend, (e.g. a good friend's friend), or any individual not quite within the realm of closeness required to be deemed a "real" friend.

Coined from the "sup dude" slurred toward supdudes when passing by since there is simply no other interaction or common experience worth sharing.

*Supdude is a completely subjective term such as "friend" or "brother." A supdude to one could be a friend to another.
"How was the party?
"It sucked it was just me and a bunch of supdudes."

"Who invited all the fucking supdudes?"

"Is that your friend or just some supdude?"
by Miley Coyote April 24, 2012
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