one fine man. all men wanna be him and all women want him so wherever he goes he gets that special tingling sensation in his head. he thinks hes just an average guy which makes all girls swoon just by hearing his name. twice as awesome as chuck norris, no more needed.
matthias just one-upped chuck!!!!!

i wish i was matthias

that matthias is my idol
by chuckworshipper October 5, 2010
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genius watches anime and is the god of hentai with great taste all girls love him
johny:its big
matthias:thats what u wish she said
by kami of hentai November 25, 2021
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Knowing a Matthias will bring great joy to your life. They are the funniest people in the crowds, you hardly can find him standing alone even for a single minute. All your friends and family will love him. When you look at him you want to be with him, closer and closer. There is no escape from his cute smile, it will follow you into your dreams. Matthias is the warmest person and highly sensitive. He has the hottest body, tenderest touch and is the greatest kisser of the universe. However, if you hurt him, he cannot forgive easily. Sometimes it takes him years to find a way back to love and trust. He has the most loyal and most patient friends who give him and his love their strongest support. He always likes playing like all men do. You should be told; the borders of his playground are far beyond your imagination. Playing in his wild and crazy game with him will surely pull you into a tough yet terrific adventure. But you will look back onto your new experiences with pride and big joy, because you know he loves you and cares for you and you’ll collect stories to tell your friends and grandchildren, that will make them laugh with you and maybe inspires them. Matthias will honour your courage and prefers your honesty over your sense of humour, especially when it comes to kidding him. You will never regret loving him, because he cares and doesn’t let anybody else getting so very deep into his heart.
Watch out to find a Matthias, you’ll enjoy dancing through hell with him. He’ll add the brightest colours to your life, bringing games, excitement and fun.
by me-of-course February 3, 2022
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The guy that is calm and collected but still can be crazy, He likes good movies and good music. He can relate to a lot of people. He is very understanding and a good listener. He has his dorky side but it's comforting to some people. He also likes to be outside, not inside of his house.
Oh that Matthias He's such an awesome fella.
by ThatGuy2315642132 December 9, 2010
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name meaning "gift from God" typically given to the much wanted first born son of a Christian family. Matthias' therefore usually have a healthy sense of self-worth, are strong, independent and self-assured.
Matthias was an unexpected surprise as we didn't think we could have children.
by matthias'mum February 7, 2010
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He's me the most epic guy on earth and will probably be your friend.
Matthias is epic, he is cool HES YOUR MOM IDIOT.
by mattythedatty April 16, 2021
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Matthias is a name give to a kid that is going to grow up and be a total pimp/playa.
cops have tried to got rid of the name Matthias so that there wont be as many pimps in bigger cities.Most people names Matthias are Nice, funny and over all a good guy.
"Matthias is a total stud"

by Billybobthortonjimbob September 8, 2008
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