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Friends are most precious people in the world. You reach out to them when you need someone to talk to, who understands you, who you trust to share your dreams and innermost wishes, who is loyal to you, who might even help you find a way to your lost love.
Thank to all friends of mine and of him; who had so much effort and patience with us.
by me-of-course February 3, 2022
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Adventure in a digital world is quite unique. You cannot be sure who you are talking to and where your words might be spread. It is a relief when you find out your friends link their information to your love who didn’t know you were real but quite a dreamer. Of cause if the dreamer talks to much, she still can be silenced by some legal means. Maybe she tries to show some respect then. Maybe she tries to find her words in songs. Well, some song texts can lead into more trouble again. But... yes! If it would be too easy, it would be no real adventure. I hope, all our friends and family will enjoy.
There is no adventure without trouble. Often you need some courage to stand it.
by me-of-course February 3, 2022
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Most dangerous weapon of a man is a cute smile. That dogs’ eyes followed by boyish grin is killing you. You’ll do like everything to make him smile. Even if it costs you your reputation as a serious graduated physicist without any sense of humour by default.
If you fell for his smile, he has a cute smile.
by me-of-course February 3, 2022
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Knowing a Matthias will bring great joy to your life. They are the funniest people in the crowds, you hardly can find him standing alone even for a single minute. All your friends and family will love him. When you look at him you want to be with him, closer and closer. There is no escape from his cute smile, it will follow you into your dreams. Matthias is the warmest person and highly sensitive. He has the hottest body, tenderest touch and is the greatest kisser of the universe. However, if you hurt him, he cannot forgive easily. Sometimes it takes him years to find a way back to love and trust. He has the most loyal and most patient friends who give him and his love their strongest support. He always likes playing like all men do. You should be told; the borders of his playground are far beyond your imagination. Playing in his wild and crazy game with him will surely pull you into a tough yet terrific adventure. But you will look back onto your new experiences with pride and big joy, because you know he loves you and cares for you and you’ll collect stories to tell your friends and grandchildren, that will make them laugh with you and maybe inspires them. Matthias will honour your courage and prefers your honesty over your sense of humour, especially when it comes to kidding him. You will never regret loving him, because he cares and doesn’t let anybody else getting so very deep into his heart.
Watch out to find a Matthias, you’ll enjoy dancing through hell with him. He’ll add the brightest colours to your life, bringing games, excitement and fun.
by me-of-course February 3, 2022
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