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this word was commonly use by malaysian's chinese, meaning is in big trouble

it's real meaning is 'die'
''walau!! this time sure mati one!''
''mati liao lah! what happened??''
''mati mati mati mati mati......mati mati mati mati....mati...mati..(non-stop, with the head shaking)''
by ahpok August 14, 2004
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Malay for "dead" (in the sense of "Oh shit", not pertaining to death). Commonly used in Southeast Asia.
I mati already! You got me into so much trouble!
by schnotty January 03, 2004
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Word for a sexy Polish boy. Even sexy when hes showin off doin football tricks. Likes to wear leather jackets and surfer shorts but still manages to look sexy in thm anyway.
Mati: Hey pass the ball.
Girl : *stumbles for words coz hes soo fit* Eh you pass it to him.. *passes to friend*
by Woof Dog April 13, 2009
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Matis are rlly nice, kind, fun and caring. They are beautiful inside and out and aren’t afraid to say what they think. They don’t rlly care what you think about them. Matis can make you laugh and they always have a smile on there face. They can really make your day. They have a personality to die for. People either love her or hate her. But it’s hard not to. She’s very smart when she wants to be and it very social. One of a kind best friend. This is a type of girl to keep in your life for a very long time.
Mati your so pretty. Lol why are you so funny Mati.
by Woah woah woah man February 13, 2018
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Mati meaning stupid is usually a name given to a very dark Indian. One of the most common Indian names. Also a possible name in Pakistan but usually a girls name for Pakistani children.
by IndianNamesDictionary August 29, 2016
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Not a Sexy Polish Boy. Big Nonce
Has A Short Attention Span For Anything He Becomes Addicted To.
Mati : Hi Fam!

Other Person : I Bought you these Van's Because ,You Are So into Vans

Mati : Im Sorry But i Like Gucci Now

~next day~

Other Person : I Bought You Gucci Because You Like It Now!

Mati : Im with Supreme Now ~_~

~Next Day~

Other Person : I Got you a Supreme Toothbrush.

Mati : I Literally Just Became A Fan Of Louis Vuitton.

~Next Day~

Other Person : ok , I Found A Louis Vuitton Bag For You in My Attic.

Mati : BAPE!
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by Autie Juline January 17, 2018
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Wow you live money, you’re name must be Mati because you’re Jewish
by None Jewish Guy January 10, 2019
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