A dick that keeps a female coming back for more and more
A dick that ranges between 10-25 inches
Damn daddy's massive dick hurt me, now I have no walls.
by lala LA April 18, 2014
William doesn't have a massive dick, but Nirad does.
by AidanIstGay August 25, 2019
A person with a massive dick for example dugdimmadomedimsdale
Aww man he got a massive dick #kony2012 thats massive dick syndrome
by Bigmandug April 16, 2021
Vinnie is a beautiful man that likes to pierce body,especially is penis. His dick rangers from around 20 to 30 inches. He is a force to be reckoned with.
Wow, look at that!!!! Vinnie has a massive dick piercing.
by Vinnie is sometelse August 14, 2021
This fucking monster of a cock will make the panties of all the girls even guys completely soaked. this huge badonkadonk will distroy that vagine so hard it will be sent straight into oblivion.
goddamn that Huge Fat Massive Weiner Dick will destroy my beef curtains for sure
by Megamoistman69420 December 13, 2021