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A turd that refuses to be flushed.
Has anyone got a stick, I've just dropped a massive Piers Morgan ?
by GiesterHaus December 16, 2015
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The reaction elicited by the types of questions asked by talk-show host, erstwhile newspaper editor, and one-time talent-show judge Piers Morgan.

1. the look on one's face after having asked the most stupid question imaginable. "No, and wipe that stupid piersmorgan off your face."

2. a question which itself is inestimably stupid or banal. "The interview consisted of an endless stream of piersmorgans."

3. the actual face of a person who has just asked a very stupid question whose answer is obvious, and whose sole purpose which was to elicit anger from the respondent. "I sat there, staring incredulously at his stupid piersmorgan."

4. a four-fingered slap across the face of the smarmy git who just asked you the stupidest question ever devised, leaving a visible mark but causing very little pain and no permanent damage. "I gave him a piersmorgan he won't soon forget." Also refers to the actual mark made by said slap. "Where'd you get the piersmorgan? She's a real beaut, mate"


1. (intr. or tr.) to pose a string of mindless, self-aggrandizing questions. "The thought of having to listen to him piersmorgan all night was nauseating." "Are you going to sit there and piersmorgan me all night?"

2. The act of administering a slap across the face as a reward for a particularly odious string of stupid questions. "Keep that up and I'll piersmorgan the crap of you!"
by grammar_luvver2000 April 03, 2011
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A sexual position made famous when "news" commentator Piers Morgan, repeatedly re posted a meme of himself on Twitter engaged in the the act with then President of the United States, Donald Trump. In this act one man pierces the anus of another man with his tongue while sitting in a swivel chair, with the receiving person balanced on another swivel chair on all fours in front of him. Both men then try to swivel as much as possible without breaking the bond between anus and tongue. Often the "Pierser" is made to be cuckold and hold the position while the man in front is pleasured to finish by a third party. This secondary act has also been called "Guest Hosting Piers Morgan".
When Donald Trump was found guilty of treason, he offered the investigator a Piers Morgan to let him send one final tweet...which he used to brag about how many people watched his sentencing.
by Guest Host February 03, 2018
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Piers Morgan presents Good Morning Britain, and is controversial as hell. He used to present Britain’s Got Talent but he got fired, probably because he isn’t at all talented himself.
Piers Morgan is an idiot
by The Boiled Egg December 23, 2017
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