Person who enjoys writing/using java
A: What is he doing the project in?
B: JAVA! What a masochist...
by ~javauser July 21, 2023
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Why does he keep putting himself in painful situations?
Hes a masochist
by Awstenswig October 17, 2020
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An individual who is sexually stimulated by pain, either self-inflicted or administered by others.
The masochist looked forward to trips to the dentist.
by Livvy August 17, 2003
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a person who enjoys recieving pain. It is quite possible for a person to be masochistic without being submissive, and to be masochistic without being masochistic. It is also possible to be a masochist AND a sadist.
i'm the type of masochist who enjoys tactile stimulation, but not percussion
by calamity December 6, 2003
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One who recieves pleasure (usually sexual) from being physically tortured or otherwise inflicted with pain, or humiliation. (a person who is masochistic is not necessarily a submissive, they don't go hand in hand)
James enjoyed spanking his girlfriend, being a masochist, she enjoyed it to
by Dezmene May 17, 2006
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one who enjoys emotional and physical pain, some enjoy it sexualy and other do not
one who get a mental high from emotional and physical pain
I for one am a Masochist, I enjoy both emotional and physical pain to myself (not in a sexual way)
by Lonely Soul September 1, 2006
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