An official count of the population, carried out every 10 years. It includes details on every member of a household, e.g. name, age, occupation and place of birth.

Census is done every 10 years.
by Jafje May 10, 2007
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One who enjoys numbers and statistics. Usually socially awkward.

Ability to sit in a cube for 9-10 hours with only the company of their database system. Can be identified by a nervous tic due to punching in numbers all day and talks to himself due to lack of social interaction. Wears glasses due to eye strain from computer monitors. Thinks pen holders in shirt pockets and 'Members Only' Jackets are cool.

An introvert, and sensitive man who looks good on paper but can't approach women successfully. Also loves surveys and puzzles. However, lacks basic life skills such as hunting, house repairs, and car maintenance.

Likely married, but how that happened is an unsolved mystery.
He's such a Census Man...a nice guy but a bit odd if you know what I mean...
by ComputersHateApostrophes June 15, 2009
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A census enquiry by all the major governing bodies of the world It holds the statistical data of economic trends, goals, developments and means on the next coming era of mankind. Also refers to an unseen gaming entity AKA: Maj, whom inspires the online gaming community with his or her words. Some of the content which being is almost poetic.

1) The British government every few years does a "Major Census" on it's public and it's subjects. The system has been in use since the 13th century and is studied by elitist superpowers.

2) Doing a "Major Census" is related to an online glitch of disappearing into thin air / or going MIA, or is an indirect reference to the Doomsday book.

3) "SB Major Census" - watching from afar.
by Marquess Schimell October 12, 2006
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A true gaming legend who's very rarely seen on the Battlefield. His words inspire soldiers to keep fighting and his quirky comments bring a smile to the faces of even the most stubborn. In reality he's probably Chinese but his team mates know him as only a presence in the cyber world.

He has amazing skills with words
you walk towards Major Census...he says...


You are stunned!!
by SB 4 Life September 13, 2006
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A person who claims to be a Christian but the only way anyone could tell is because the person is listed as 'christian' on a census. the person claims to be a Christian but lives in no way like one.
Ha! She's a Christian? More like a Census Christian! She lives without the slightest regard to anything Christianity is!
by blambam June 15, 2010
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Any anger arising from filling out a census form, whether due to aggravation by flatmates for humour, or otherwise.
Greg-You filled out your information on the wrong census form you idiot, you'll have to do it again
Chris Cross-God damn it. I have so much census anger


Higs-What is the internet number for the online census?
Greg-Its at the top of your form
Higs-No its not
Greg-Hahaha sucker
Higs-I am so census angry right now
by Chris Cross March 5, 2013
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relieving yourself sexually as to not be forced pull a Kobe (see Tyson style) and create an unwanted "keep a nigga baby".
Your Mom was busy, so I just spent some time keeping the census down.
by long duck dong September 4, 2003
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