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To cosnpire to ruin someones reputation untill they become unemployable and people refuse to associate with them.
After he cancelled that concert his manager blackballed him. Now no record company wants to produce his album.
by A ton of pounds December 31, 2004
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Referring to the heavy unfashionable winter jacket and patterned mittens Sanders wore to the inauguration of Joe Biden.
Its brutally cold outside this morning so be sure you're Bundled Like Bernie!
by Talk2me-JCH January 24, 2021
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Mike really learned his lession this winter about walking naked through a blizzard he got black balls and his face was literally frozen solid.
by LMxDurgex December 24, 2008
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even worse than its better-known cousin, blue balls. this pain can only be compared to that of being pulled inside-out through your butthole.
i heard that phillip got black balls by shirley
by ian the d April 14, 2004
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In fraternities, to remove a pledge from the chapter.
John didn't listen when the president told him to do his laundry. We're going to blackball him next week after we make him drive all the girls to out party this weekend.
by MacDog60 February 07, 2016
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Serious medical condition resulting from extremely vigorous sexually activity and injury to the testicles and groin area. Sometimes requiring medical attention.
Mary fucked Eric so hard she gave him black balls and he needed to go to the hospital.
by World traveler December 13, 2014
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a yellow flag with a solid back circle in the center signifying that the beach is now off limits to hard boards most often because to many stupid ppl are in the water and expect that surfers are paying attention to where they are and not the other way around
the main reason why Huntington Beach surfers hate tourists
by BaddAssKiwi April 15, 2004
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