To cosnpire to ruin someones reputation untill they become unemployable and people refuse to associate with them.
After he cancelled that concert his manager blackballed him. Now no record company wants to produce his album.
by A ton of pounds December 31, 2005
In fraternities, to remove a pledge from the chapter.
John didn't listen when the president told him to do his laundry. We're going to blackball him next week after we make him drive all the girls to out party this weekend.
by MacDog60 February 8, 2016
to let another man down as a man.
kenny blackballed on all his friends by choosing to hang out with his girlfriend, whom he hung out with the day before instead of drink beer and watch the game.
by ryan pittman November 19, 2007
freeballing so rawly to the point of actual chafing and bruising of the testicular organs
PFrey decided to participate in freeball friday, however, he "rode" it too hard and thus blackballed it.
by MIKAH CHAN October 4, 2005
the process where someone says things behind someones back to make themselves seem good, then acts all freindly towards taht person when they see them
"that dick keeps playing blackball with you"
by Ben February 17, 2005
Someone who bails on his friends and screws them over.
Mapes is the biggest fuckin blackballer ever.
by peabag January 17, 2005
to vote against, to exclude socially, or to reject someone.
-The children was blackballing from gym because of there behavior.

- The book was blackballing from the contest, because the author cheated and copy someone else work.
by Chardai D. January 10, 2010