A small amount of regurgitated stomach contents (barf), that is not thrown up with much force. The contents only make it as far as your mouth. The "m" for mouth is substituted for the "b" in barf, hence marf. Usually you don't know it's coming and it is commonly simultaneous with a burp or hiccup. Can be used as a verb or a noun.
Neal: Uhhh, i just barfed in my mouth.
Peter: Ya, marf tastes pretty fucking gross.
by mgchnds September 14, 2011
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The sound a puppy or prepubescent dog makes when it barks.
MARF! MARF! *pant pant pant* MARF!
by TheRealMarfles July 14, 2009
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Any human-like creature that is one or more of the following: greedy, horny, smelly, has tendencies to indulge in sexual acts with little girls, or will walk into any house unannounced and eat any and/or all food in the area.
"You're such a goddamn marf, fuck!"
by shart666 January 19, 2009
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Term for a scarf around the neck of a man. Typically implies homosexuality.
*Plural form: marves.
Dude, check out this guy's rad marf.
by JuBabee February 08, 2011
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To barf in your mouth. When some vomit comes up and stops at the back of the throat/mouth and is swallowed back down.
"Dude, I just marfed and can taste that Chinese food all over again."

"Damn, I just marfed a little bit. Can I get some gum?"
by GBCA February 20, 2008
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Used as a replacement for any verb, marf can be useful in many situations.

Forms- Marf, Marfing, Marfed
Me and Dave were marfing last night, and he marfed my fucking keyboard! I am going to marf him into 1985 for that shiz!
by wazzledoozle September 05, 2006
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