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It's fringe benefits you idiot.
-We get french benefits right!?

-It's fringe benefits dumbfuck

-Yea whatever
by I M A Dogg April 15, 2007

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Yet another synonym for balls, nuts, testes, etc.
Elk: So that's when I fried my marbles...
I *whispers*: That explains why people consider you a woman, your balls are gone now...
by I M A Dogg October 19, 2005

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An Uncle Skeeter is one who skeets while at someone else's house. Looked down upon as strange by many people, but most "Uncle Skeeter"s just enjoy masturbating in a place away from home, it brings more pleasure for them.
-Damn, I just found out that Sasman jerked-off at my house yesterday

-Dude, I knew he's an Uncle Skeeter!!!
by I M A Dogg October 19, 2005

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Simply put, it is an abbreviation for "Gaysian", or "Gay Asian".

Asian kid #1: AZN Pride biatch!!!!!

Asian kid #2: You're so silly! GAZN Pride!!!!
by I M A Dogg July 22, 2005

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These are much more frequently seen than Reeses'. A White Chocolate Reeses is a person who is White on the outside, and brown on the inside (usually Hispanic just like true Reeses).
Not to be confused with a Weaner. While a Weaner is a wannabe beaner (like a wigger is with blacks) and tries to act Hispanic (Mexican) by trying to speak crappy Spanish and wearing Raiders jerseys, a White Chocolate Reeses is actually a white guy who lives the hispanic lifestyle and speaks the language well.
David, while you may think you are a White Chocolate Reeses, you are actually a weaner, sorry
by I M A Dogg October 19, 2005

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In basketball, when you shoot an underhand, scoop kind of shot instead of a jumper style shot. Used most famously by Rick Barry in the 70s... and girls and little kids.
"Yo Adam, be a man! Why you gotta shoot grandma style from the FT-line?"
by I M A Dogg March 18, 2006

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Spontaneous ejaculation. Just cumming without the work. Usually seen in the form of a wet dream.
"Dammit I just freejaculated thinking about doing her doggystyle"

"... yea freejaculation is a BITCH"
by I M A Dogg June 29, 2008

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