The first Marathon was ran by a Greek Soldier named Pheidippides who was sent by the Greek Army to proclaim the victory agianst the Persians but he collapsed dead tired.Now and days Television networks make fun of The Marathon word by using it on continueous Shows like Cartoon's and Dating on Mtv."It's obious,They Can't Run."
Runner girl:"Hey Ted let's run a 5k."
Ted:"No women im to busy watching the Cops Marathon,it's been going three hours nonstop!"
by Runner Bulldog November 04, 2006
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when smoking a blunt or a joint, the end starts to run (burns faster on one side than another), run=marathon
Ace: Damn matt, this blunts got a marathon going
Matt Coda: Man! Lemme catch the run!
by AceofSpades705 December 26, 2008
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The game company Bungie's first game.
Used in a red vs blue episode. Was also an awsome game.
But Church from red vs blue gets blasted back in time by a 10 megaton bomb, into the game marathon.
computer-Ready to transport.

Church-Ok, lets do it...good bye...computer...you know what, you'd think i would of come up with a name for you in these thousand years.

Gary(computer)-Its Gary, but thanks for asking
by Philip Miller April 23, 2005
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A race attempted by a loarge assortment of idiots who lack the coordination or ability to use the basic skill of running in a real sport. Instead they decide to run for hours on end for no apparent reason. Marathons are oftenly described as "fun" by these morons for reasons unknown to the sane part of society. These retards also enjoy the loss of the ability to walk, run, move, fuck, for the 2 days following the Marathon.
Bob: "I'm running the boston Marathon "Jim"
Jim: "How long is it Bob"
Bob: "40 miles"
Jim: "Your a retard Jim"
by Austin Kennedy July 19, 2006
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when one tries to get stoned for the duration of more then 10 hours
yo wanna do a marathon today meet me at 12
by webley November 11, 2005
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a.k.a "Running a marathon" or "manathon"

When a group of five or more males masturbate one after another passing lubricant as the baton trying to beat previous records of time or contending groups' records.
J: Hey, do you want to go to the bars tonight?
E: That seems like a good idea, but that's in a while.
J: Should we pre-game?
E: I have a better "game," let's get the boys together and-
J and E: RUN A MARATHON!!!!!
(they high five)
J: I will get the lube!
E: I will forsake my self-respect!
by EriQ May 19, 2008
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