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A marathon is when you masturbate numerous times, till one passes out.
I heard Jimmy did a marathon before school today.
by Zorlock April 20, 2005

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a cloud of smelly fart(s).
usually left as a present to oncoming passers.

see:fart knocker
Al: What's that smell, Johnny?
Johnny: I believe we just entered an Ass Cloud.
by Zorlock April 21, 2005

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Possibly the greatest Indie Rock band in the World. Hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. These guys MADE the scene in North Carolina. Spawning many other bands in the Noise Indie genre, such as Polvo and Superchunk.
Did you go see the AoL show? It was teriff!
by Zorlock April 25, 2005

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The nukks you have to face at the end of the blue, red, and yellow versions of Pokemon.

You also fight these guys in silver, gold, crystal, etc...before getting into Kanto.
Man the Elite Four are some pretty tuff nukks.
by Zorlock April 19, 2005

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The game where you build stuff!
Blockland IS Legos.
Very addicting...much like WoW and D2.
Damn, stayed up all night AGAIN playng Blockland!
by Zorlock April 25, 2005

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An acronym for Rapers of Dead Children.
Was a very sick cult in Texas in the early 90's.
Yo, fool, don't fuck with that guy...i heard he be in RODC.
by Zorlock April 22, 2005

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A nukk is an insult to call people when they do not what it means. It really has no "true" meaning. It is just another insult for stupid n00bs, and retarded people.
MilkDJ: Get out of here nukk! Your kind is unwanted!
Excreator: nukk?
MilkDJ: hellz yeah! nukk = you.
by Zorlock April 18, 2005

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