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When a man obsessively diets, goes to the gym, and pinches his stomach to evaluate his body fat.
Mimoun, you don't need to pinch your tummy. So manorexic these days!
by Alex_Lo April 30, 2013
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A man who thinks it is attractive to be skinny and lacking in muscle mass or any outward physical appearance of masculinity. The most amusing example being young, metrosexual males who weigh 120-140 pound and go to the gym to "tone" and "get cut", but fear "getting too big."
Last night when I wanted to squat there was some manorexic kid pumping out 20 rep sets of frat curls in the rack with the bar plus 10 pounds. When I told him to move so I could squat, he told me he never did those because they are bad your your knees and he was afraid the huge testosterone and GH release would cause him to gain weight.
by The_Incubator February 27, 2005
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a male anorexic, a man who starves himself because of poor self esteem, or skewed self image
max starved himself for so long, it became obvious he was a manorexic.
by kit rottenchild August 11, 2006
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n. an anorexic of the male persuasion. an emaciated male.
Did you see that pathetic emo kid? He was such the manorexic.
by M2 June 03, 2004
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A dude who thinks he is too fat
Steve: dude I have to go to the gym because I am gaining too much weight
Frank: you are a manorexic, stop acting like a little bitch
Steve: you are right, lets get some wings at Brother Jimmy's
by bergali September 02, 2010
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A male who is way to skinny. Typically, their ribs are visible and legs look like toothpicks. usually, a nerd, skater, or emo kid.
girl 1: The new guy is so cute.

girl 2: But, he looks manorexic. His skinny jeans are loose on him.
by emi28 August 29, 2009
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