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GH has 3 meanings.

Good half: Used to indicate in sports that a team did good in a certain half of the game, either the 1st or last half. It is considered bad to be good at the first yet bad at the second as this indicates choking and losing the game after gaining a lead. It is considered good to be good at the second half regardless of poor performance in the second half as this indicates resilience to come back and a team's ability to perform under pressure.

Glory hole: A hole in a bathroom stall wall where you insert penis and a mystery person sucks it off. Usually gay guys use this, because women don't go in male bathrooms.

Growth Hormone: A peptide hormone. This is not a steroid so it cannot be detected by most tests making it a favorite among athletes. When used properly it has very few, if any, side effects. The benefits of GH are improved sleeping, improved digestion, slowing down aging or even reversing it, improved recovery, protection against muscle wasting when in calorie deficit, burns fat, and builds muscle (as well as every other tissue in the body) when used in very high doses. That being said it is illegal to use this without a prescription and if you are a competing athlete, despite this, this hormone is still used by bodybuilders are all types of athletes. Side effects of abuse is excessive growth of tissue (which can be fatal for hearth or lungs and can give you a gut because small intestines grow) as well as hormone imbalances.
Person 1: Hey man I've been on GH for the past few months and I feel great! I recommend everybody uses it!
Person 2: Wait is that that thing that bodybuilders use and athletes?
Person 1: Yeah they abuse it.
Person 2: Oh hell no man I'm never touching that.
Person 1: Didn't you hear what I just said? They ABUSE it!? It's perfect for people to slow down aging in people over 40.
Person 2: Fuck off man, I ain't no cheat! I don't wanna die!!!!!!!!
Person 1: *leaves and continues living a higher quality life than person 2*
by Zyzy July 06, 2016
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gh-geekin hard. another way to say haha or lol. When something geeks you out.
Jason - "Damn son, I need to stop talking to busted chicks"
Will - "gh you do forreal"
by FranKieT April 03, 2013
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after playin a round or a in soccer u swap sides, u say GH meaning good half
score is 8-4 GH swap teams in CS
next round starts
by Ash ' September 04, 2003
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Abbreviation for the term "guaranteed head", which is in reference to actions taken by a man for a woman to guarantee that she will in return give the man oral pleasure.
Sam: "Dude I took Molly to that fancy italian restaurant."
Roman: "Dude, that is so GH!"
Sam: "Of course dude. She sucked me off right there in the parking lot after dinner."
by Sam Snoogans July 24, 2006
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Go Hard or Go Home = G H * G H = GH^2
Go Hard or Go Home = gh^2

When you go out and party you are leaving it all out there. If you are holding anything back, go home.
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