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a term of endearment expressed towards a pretty girl; can be shortened to doll
"Hey dollface. C'mere, I gotta talk to you."
by girl February 23, 2004

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a term of endearment used to talk about/to a pretty girl; dollface
"Hey doll! I left a message on your cell last night..."
by girl February 23, 2004

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Stupid, as in 80% of the world's population.
Our daft ways will eventually lead to our self destruction.
by Girl October 30, 2003

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The most bad ass asian girl eva! Crazy ADHD Ridden, funny asian girl with big boots and knives. A nerd, a music lover, a junglist,and a cute litlle headbanger and a dread headed kick ass video gamer! ciara, ={DMG}=Girlsw/Guns, Damage INC
Dont make me get all ciara bella on your ass!
by girl April 25, 2005

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Nerd core
"omg dan, we are such nXc"
by girl September 22, 2003

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looking someone up and down, as if wanting to fight.
as i was passing by, he was eyeing me out like i owed him some money or something
by girl March 19, 2005

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A person who lives in manchester!

(the only reason why there are so many scally's and arse raping idiots living in manchester is cos of ppl like u lot that say there are - thats why they all come and live here!!!!!)
i'm a manc but i do not want to be classed as a person who stabs ppl and take old grannies handbags thank u very much!
by girl July 01, 2004

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