26 definitions by girl

1. The essence of a man is what gets him the pussy
2. The essence of man is the crucial element or the most important ingredient.
Jono's essence of man is at a very high level, no wonder he always gets the women.
by girl October 12, 2004
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when you meet-n-greet your friends or family with a side-kiss, but really, you just touch cheeks and make the kissy sound
"Oh, hi!! *cheekies* I haven't seen you a while, how are you?"
by girl April 25, 2005
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looking someone up and down, as if wanting to fight.
as i was passing by, he was eyeing me out like i owed him some money or something
by girl March 19, 2005
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the fittest man on the planet!
he is soooo sexy!
he is sooo fit and he is a great footballer with a great body... yes it IS david beckham!! mmmmmmmmmm!! yummie!
by girl March 14, 2005
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a term of endearment used to talk about/to a pretty girl; dollface
"Hey doll! I left a message on your cell last night..."
by girl February 23, 2004
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a term of endearment expressed towards a pretty girl; can be shortened to doll
"Hey dollface. C'mere, I gotta talk to you."
by girl February 23, 2004
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the sweetest sexiest guy on the face of the earth! plays ddr extremely well and takes good care of his girlfriend. back off ladies, hes MINE! :)
kute awesome JAP
Wow that PowerKun is soooo awesome!
by girl February 2, 2005
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