eh, I'm wearin' me trakkies
by troll trug May 5, 2003
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she only wore trakkies and uggboots.
by Music_Addict96 July 10, 2010
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Upcoming UFC figther, Native to the small village of Carupano. plays the guitar to seduce girls at parties making all of his friends look like douchebags. Usually the youngest of the group. Cries when watching Warrior and has a face like he just got out of an asylum. Whenever a fight breaks he's the person to blame it on, whenever you get yourself in trouble he's the person to blame it on, if the cops stop you he's the person to blame it on, if you get a girl pregnant he's the person to blame it on...and so on.
person 1; Broo those guys are gonna come beat us up!

person 2: tell them it was trakki!
by pippi longstockings November 30, 2012
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it's a slang term for track suits in Austrailia. Honestly, I don't know why track suit isn't sufficient.
"Wow thats a nice trakky dack you have there!" "Fuck off Gerald its a track suit, you're in America now"
by aeternumm August 29, 2013
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