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Two "straight" guys doing something that would be your standard date, eg going to a film, out for a meal.
JD: You know what, I'm going to take you out to night. We'll go for a meal, get a nice bottle of wine..
Turk: Dude, sounds like you're asking me out on a man date.
JD: Why are you so afraid of loving me?
by AJ_legend February 20, 2008
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An outing in which two men engage in normal male-female date activity.
Eric and Tim just went on a man-date to Olive Garden and to see Kingdom of Heaven.

Joe just drove Eric and Tim on their man-date, because they do not own vehicles.
by SolFly May 07, 2005
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when two heterosexual males go out and get dinner/coffee/ice cream together and discuss their thoughts and lives, with absolutely no sexual tension between know, just a couple of dudes getting a snack.
Keyvan and Sohrab are having a man-date at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles because they are so over Mel's Diner.
by NARFKARTA March 03, 2008
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a gathering of ONLY men. Activites during mandates include cruising, playing madden, going to wendy's. When one is one a mandate, one must show the mandate symbol. This is done by crossing the middle finger and the ring finger so the hand resembles an "M".
Damn that mandate was off the hook
by Urban Dictionary January 14, 2004
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Non-sexual chilling of two men (both gay or straight, or combo). More used in a joking, but friendly manor.
John: What are you doing Saturday?
Matt: Nothing
John: Lets chill, man date?
Matt: Sounds good
by definetionofwerds June 26, 2009
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Joe: Hey wana go on a Man Date with me this saturday, were gona hit the game and then go to a bar.
Bob: Sure Ill go on a man date with you.
by Samirrrr March 18, 2009
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1. In a democracy, a mandate is when an overwhelming majority of voters supports a particular party, position, or person.
2. In a Trumpocracy, a mandate is when the majority of voters support your opponents, but your party wins control of the entire government through gerrymandering and technicalities.
The American people have given the Republicans a clear mandate to pass their agenda.
by Valerie Morghulis April 12, 2017
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