Two "straight" guys doing something that would be your standard date, eg going to a film, out for a meal.
JD: You know what, I'm going to take you out to night. We'll go for a meal, get a nice bottle of wine..
Turk: Dude, sounds like you're asking me out on a man date.
JD: Why are you so afraid of loving me?
by AJ_legend February 20, 2008
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Non-sexual chilling of two men (both gay or straight, or combo). More used in a joking, but friendly manor.
John: What are you doing Saturday?
Matt: Nothing
John: Lets chill, man date?
Matt: Sounds good
by definetionofwerds June 26, 2009
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when two straight men go on an outing together
Will and Ed went on a man date last Friday night.
by Carebear360 April 22, 2009
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hey joey, i've got nothing planed. wanna go out on a man date to the bowling Allie...
by dead-as-alive April 14, 2009
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man date(n)- gay-like experience between 2 straight guys

from the movie "i love you, man"
Alannah: Eric, how'd your man date with Cory go?

Eric: Amazingly. We went and watched a movie then went bowling then to dinner
by weezy da realist March 15, 2009
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When two "straight" guys do something together that would have typically involved a guy and a girl in the past.

Rapid in California
Boy 1: I took Jon to this amazing stakehouse the other night.
Girl 1: Seriously? You just went on a man date?
by Jane Oaks August 29, 2007
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An outing in which two men engage in normal male-female date activity.
Eric and Tim just went on a man-date to Olive Garden and to see Kingdom of Heaven.

Joe just drove Eric and Tim on their man-date, because they do not own vehicles.
by SolFly May 8, 2005
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