By far the best part of England.
BBC midlands today
by oracle March 13, 2004
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The Midlands -
1. A fictional place in Britain because no one knows where it really starts or finishes.
2. Re-named to Birmingham to disguise its poor identity and reputation. This didn't work
''I'm from the Midlands''

''You mean you're from Birmingham''


''Poor Sod''
by Nutter_Systems August 9, 2005
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The UK's purgatory. Sweet F all actually happens there and it is home to one of the most irritating accents in the British Isles. Worse than hell because at least hell has pain, the midlands have no emotion, style or climate. The midlands are inhabited by a group of Southern wannabes who hate the North due to jealousy of it's beauty and the South due to jealousy of it's food.

When I'm king, I'm gonna build a bridge over the midlands so the North and South of England can visit each other undisturbed.
Oh scrote, we're in the midlands.

Fancy some rat poison

by Bingleberries August 30, 2010
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Someone from the Midlands in the UK, due to their geographical location in England is neither a Northern Monkey, or a Southern Fairy. A strong divide is fiercely argued between Northerners and Southerners as to who is better and lives at the better end of the country, in reality neither can speak English without strong and annoying accents and the Midlands is where the normal people live.
Chris is from Northampton so therefore is a Midlander, not a monkey or a fairy, and can talk and be understood correctly.
by daniel horan May 29, 2007
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A band made up of Mark Wystrach, Jess Carson and Cameron Duddy, who dress in a radical style which can only be described as tropical cowboys. The band formed in Dripping Springs, TX, and has been playing music together since early/mid 2010's. Their most popular song is Drinkin' Problem, from their 2017 album On The Rocks, which has skyrocketed them into mainstream country stardom with their dynamic and vintage sound. The band is also known as The Gator Boys.
Hey, did you hear the new Midland album?

Yes, The Gator Boys sound as great as ever!
by HelloHeyHiThere February 21, 2022
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One of the single most boring places to live. This town is the hometown of the Dow Chemical Company and Dow Corning. Consequently inhabitants tend to mutate. Located in Michigan.
Person 1: Im like totally hanging out at Jen's house in Midland Tonight
Person 2: Hope you dont come back glowing green.
by firefox4tehwinzyo April 1, 2009
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A dry, desert place in Texas that is big on oil. Has one mall and some things to do scattered around the city. Big on sports. But it is by far not a rural place. It is a nice city to be raised in for little ones, but not one you want to stay in forever.
Crih: Hey, you want to hang out at my place or the mall today?

Hsu: Yeah, what else is there to do?

Crih: Idk...

Hsu: Yep, thats Midland
by Laniqua y Chonquique June 16, 2011
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