pussy, cunt, vagina, hole in the middle of women's legs, wtf!
CHEfica! What a beautiful girl/What a vagina!
by TrapanoTS November 19, 2004
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When the money from your next paycheck is already spoken for. Named after the mysterious government agency who takes money from your paycheck before you get it.
Yeah, so the mechanic says I need a new muffler. Gonna have to fica my next paycheck.
by Todd Griffin March 7, 2007
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The Italian translation for pussy/cunt. Derived from the Italian word "figa" meaning vagina, it is usually used in Tuscan dialect and in southern regions such as Sicily, but very rarely used in the regions surrounding Naples and itself.
by feestonthis357 May 20, 2009
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The word Fica comes from the Italian word FIGA which means pussy, it is a word that stems from the original Italian to the dialect version, used very common among teenagers in Italy
Fuck man what a Fica

Ey bro, check her out, bet she's got a mad fica
by Nunzai November 13, 2006
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More than a beautiful girl, ficas are girls you want to fuck so bad. It doesn't matter if you succeed in having a relationship or a date. Made for sex.
A: trovato qualche ragazza interessante in discoteca sabato?
B: sì, era pieno di fica.
by TheRealMeteor October 21, 2013
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Italian expression used to say that pussy is very beautiful.
For example:
An italian nigga man in Praga says to italian tourists" Fica bela ",he says that pussy is very beautiful.
by Ignoranza October 13, 2015
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When the Singapore authorities could stop, disable, or block access to any online math content, which was unprovenly created via the works of foreign mathematicians or math educators, that the government deems politically, racially, religiously, or socially inappropriate to be published, because it could cast doubt or create confusion in the minds of locals, who could then have a low or wavering confidence in the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s goal in making the “fine” city an innumerate-free nation—FICA is short for “Foreign Interference (Countermeasures) Act.”
With a penalty of a fine of up to S$5,000 and continuing fines of up to S$500 for “every day or part of a day” for refusing to remove any politically incorrect content, guesstimate how much FICA math revenue could be generated annually from “mathematically significant” individuals and organizations that committed a mathematical offence.
by MathPlus October 14, 2021
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