It's a word we use for jokes
person 1: what are you watching?
person 2: Yo mom!
by e gay sports November 27, 2019
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Bob: Hey Greg! You look like yo mom!
Greg: Jump in a hole Bob!
Bob: Can't that hole is as ugly as yo mom!
Greg: $#%&^^ %$(&^^%$&*%#!
by TheTootChugger345 June 25, 2011
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a good response to where. make them nibbas cry.
(usually said with a nibba accent. Best effects when accompanied with a creepy smile.)

YOUR mom's house
Yo MAMA'S house
Yo mom's STREET
etc. etc.
noice eh?

thats yo daily dose of urban dicks

courtesy of nanga nepali. urf Gucci
Hey, jack, where you been?
Yo mom's house.

Where do you think you're going??
Yo mom's house.

Where'd you come from?
Yo moms house.

Where is the dumpster?
yo moms house

Where do they store so many mcpuffs?
yo moms house.

I said it once to a teacher so don't argue.
by SNUBBED June 24, 2019
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