when you were in school did you ever wanna sit at the popular table but then you remembered you simply just weren't that cool? well now with the invention of discord, you can finally feel like a real top kek. all you have to do is prove your worth to the mods of the h3h3 server and pass a vigorous voting process. once you're in the clear, remember you wouldn't want to lose your place in their esteemed hierarchy so don't go posting those private DMs of members saying one thing but in general chat saying another. oh and never ever speak your mind (that'll get you blacklisted on the internet for good). be the sheep they're looking for and you'll have yourself a great time!
When am I getting back in malo?
This was my first and last mistake
Please man
I didnt think he'd share it
by professional retard November 26, 2018
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Tecnically meaning "bad" in spanish, this last name represents honour and integrity. Originaly from the city of St.Malo France.
"You can be such a Malo some times."
by Yanna May 23, 2007
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the act of masturbating when you cannot play halo for some reason.
Ethan- Fuck my xbox died
by Radicalxx August 02, 2008
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In difference to the malo servers, Malo discord servers are the most toxic servers possibly able to exist.
Don't join that, it's a Malo.
by PencilLeadHead July 06, 2018
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A Malo is a creepy priest you better keep your kids away from, it also has a very annoying laugh, especially when it laughs. It is married to an old women, first name Ben, who he struggles to impress, also Ben is probably having an affair. Malo better watch out for its cap because it is always being stolen.
Willy: "What is that annoying sound I hear?"

A cool and awesome girl willy is friends with: "Must be the mating call of the kookaburra. Wait, I didn't know kookaburras looked so gay, wait a sec, never mind it's just a Malo!"
by Josephi Krakowski September 02, 2019
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