A gang in the anaheim area on bush and broadway also they own olive street. The downest gang in the Orange County has been around controlling neighborhoods for over 40 years. Keep Trucha!
Damn that's that anaheim travelers city los malos gang that messed up my homie from verga lovers.
by Ese Frost March 09, 2008
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To completely screw something up because of a complete lack of understanding of the task at hand combined with a lack of basic intelligence.
Man, did you see that guy malo that wave when he tried to catch it with is board? He tried to ride it upside down!
by Phillyphan3624 January 06, 2019
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A masculine Spanish word that can be tossed into an English sentence to describe a male, who is mean or bad, especially in southwestern states. (Feminine would be mala)
by Jaksanz July 07, 2020
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A couple name for Mashupa and Nolo this is the most unexpected couple to date.
by Radali October 01, 2020
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the best discord server in all the land. This discord server is the root of all things good and non-toxic. Tales of malo have been passed down from all generations.
long live malo
What exactly is malo?
Don't worry one day you will know....
by JogiPie November 26, 2017
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the act of moving your tongue from your palate to your original tongue place very quickly while having a little bit of spit in your mouth so it makes a moist sound
The science teacher got mad when Mathis and Olivier got caught doing a malo while playing rock paper scissors
by hornybilly February 15, 2018
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