The name that the master comedian Ethan Klein connects to the masses under. His alias is form by the first letter of his wives name "H" (Hila) and the first letter of his name "E" however the E was converted to a 3 upon discovering that the username HEHE was obtained by another internet user. He frequently posts content to multiple social media site most notably youtube. PAPA BLESS
John: Hey man have you seen the new h3h3 video yet?
Dunham: Nah, I'm too busy playing with my puppets
by suddenbreakingnews July 28, 2018
An expression, 13 yr old children use to show that they laugh about something or feel cool. It is also Leet-Speek
Someone is telling something funny....
The other replies: h3h3

Someone is the best in a computer-game, then he says: h3h3
by rookie-cookie September 29, 2006