A term given to gamers who die a lot in battle. Such as a mallard flying by just waiting to be shot. Someone who runs out in the open and is shot immediately.
Specifically in Halo 3 if the person dies 13 times in a 4 on 4 battle up to a 50, they are a mallard. 17 or more and you are an Uber-Mallard. It is usually required that you profess your malardry to the other teammates.

Eg., Teammate: "14 deaths are you kidding me? Say it." Mallard: "I'm a mallard.." Teammate: "Yes you are"
by The Smoke Monster February 04, 2010
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An old east coast term for a hundred dollar bill used mainly by the lumpenproletariat .
Pete: I just lost 6 mallards in that juicy poker game down the street.
Phil: You fool. I told you to play here in my game. We give you an honest gamble here.

money buck sawbuck benjamin fin jackson yard dollar
by vastydeep December 07, 2015
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n. măl'ərd
1. (Anas platyrhynchos) A type of duck

2. (Anus playdohriptass) a term used in fisting. Positioning one's hand to the shape of a duck bill to wedge open an asshole. The catalyst to an ass blossom
Wow...I got attacked by a mallard. wierd

Pshh...what a little pussy. Slutpig can take the mallard like a pro but cries like a bitch when I try to punchfist him!
by Douchie McDoucherson November 15, 2009
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Slang word for cannabis/marijuana commonly used in the counties of Hampshire and Surrey.

Commonly used by students or former students of private schools

The word mallard is derived from the distinctive "green" of the male mallard duck's head

The word mallard can be combined with a number of words used for groups on animals in order to denote weight.

These are:

Flock(8thoz) School (1/4oz) Pack (1/2oz) Litter(1oz)

This sytem of weights is easily remembered by the phrase fucking stupid pikey loser.
"hey mate, have you got any mallards for this weekend?"
"not sure how many do you need?"
"If you could get us out a School would be much appreciated"
"Should do that will be about 40 spond ok?"
"Nice one"

example 2
"you been duck hunting?"
"yeah mate, got a brace of the buggers"
"have you seen a flock of them?"
"Sure thing, give us a ring later"
by ?fruit February 13, 2013
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1. a duck

2. an idiot that constantly switches subcultures/scenes on a monthly basis. term originates from a certain person in the texas music scene who is a total wanker.
1. "look at the cute little mallard! i like ducks."

2. "he's such a mallard, last week he had an afro and this week he's all emo."
by anonnie mouse July 29, 2005
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Some one who enjoys the company of people who Quack. A good giveaway is wearing a green shirt, with a duck on it.
My teacher was wearing his mallard shirt today.
by Ray-Cory-yar-yar November 03, 2007
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