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A term given to gamers who die a lot in battle. Such as a mallard flying by just waiting to be shot. Someone who runs out in the open and is shot immediately.
Specifically in Halo 3 if the person dies 13 times in a 4 on 4 battle up to a 50, they are a mallard. 17 or more and you are an Uber-Mallard. It is usually required that you profess your malardry to the other teammates.

Eg., Teammate: "14 deaths are you kidding me? Say it." Mallard: "I'm a mallard.." Teammate: "Yes you are"
by The Smoke Monster February 04, 2010
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n. măl'ərd
1. (Anas platyrhynchos) A type of duck

2. (Anus playdohriptass) a term used in fisting. Positioning one's hand to the shape of a duck bill to wedge open an asshole. The catalyst to an ass blossom
Wow...I got attacked by a mallard. wierd

Pshh...what a little pussy. Slutpig can take the mallard like a pro but cries like a bitch when I try to punchfist him!
by Douchie McDoucherson November 15, 2009
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Word hailing from Dingwall, Highlands of Scotland meaning Pub/Bar. It is usually used in reference to you where abouts or the activity you were participating in. Another term might be 'absolute blazin' drunk.'
Mother: Hey, gudgie, where were you last night?
Son: Down the Mallard.

Hannah: OMG did you see that minker?!?
Sophie: Aye! He looks like he's been down the mallard!

Gudgie: Mallard!
by Sop May 21, 2013
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A person, usually male, who has a personality similar to that of a grumpy old man. This person is no fun, always appears tired, and tends to shoot down ideas. Voice is usually nasal, and pauses for a long time before speaking when in conversation and always wants to eat salty food. Tends to remind one of a duck (hence the name)
Person 1: Hey man, did you do last night's homework?
Person 2:.......No!
Person 1: Jeez ok. Did you get enough sleep last night?
Person 2:.......What do you think?
Person 1: Well I don't know that's why I asked.
Person 2:....... Do you have any peanuts?!
Person 3: Wow what a mallard
by JoshDuhamelin"When in Rome" November 06, 2011
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Slang word for cannabis/marijuana commonly used in the counties of Hampshire and Surrey.

Commonly used by students or former students of private schools

The word mallard is derived from the distinctive "green" of the male mallard duck's head

The word mallard can be combined with a number of words used for groups on animals in order to denote weight.

These are:

Flock(8thoz) School (1/4oz) Pack (1/2oz) Litter(1oz)

This sytem of weights is easily remembered by the phrase fucking stupid pikey loser.
"hey mate, have you got any mallards for this weekend?"
"not sure how many do you need?"
"If you could get us out a School would be much appreciated"
"Should do that will be about 40 spond ok?"
"Nice one"

example 2
"you been duck hunting?"
"yeah mate, got a brace of the buggers"
"have you seen a flock of them?"
"Sure thing, give us a ring later"
by ?fruit February 13, 2013
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The act of farting in another person (male or female) mouth, so that the resultant sound is very similar to a duck call. The secondary result is the unsavory taste left behind when one wakes from sleep after receiving a mallard.
When my girl was sleeping, I squatted over her head and fired off a mallard in her mouth.
by GP5K February 05, 2011
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