(n) 1. A section of the population in capitalist society that is deprived of a role in production.

(n) 2. The most impoverished section in capitalist society comprising mostly of vagrants, vagabonds, criminals, welfare recipients, drug addicts, etc.

(n) 3. A non-revolutionary current in capitalist society, in Marxist terms.

A socialist revolution could never come from the lumpenproletariat due to the fact that they have no stake in production.
by Damien E November 3, 2007
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The mass of working-class citizens in a society who have little or no political awareness and are thus easily manipulated. (Karl Marx coined the term, and he didn't think much of these folk.)
The Republican Party takes the Christian lumpenproletariat vote for granted.
by Dr. Xenos April 28, 2019
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an expanded definition of th word lumpen-proletariat.a black contemporary marxist term used to describe th people below th people below th proletariat.th super-lumpenproletariat include all th people who might belong to th underclass if they were allowed to function.a 3rd or 4th class citizenry that functions more like zombies than humans...
due to their ultra-abject station on th american plantation,they possess super class antagonistic powers,hence th name super-lumpenproletariat.th "super-lumps" as they are affectionately known,prey on the ultra rich(mostly at night)

th super-lumpenproletariat is also a funny word that is used by radicals to describe someone posing as being worse off than th poorest lumpenproletariat.
"man you taking this super-lumpenproletariat thang too far"...

"hey bruh,why you super-lumpenfruntin? shit, you better pay for them french fries,i'm broke!"

"ay homie,the super-lumpenproletariat are th real heroes of the revolutionary vanguard.they even got capes and shit!"
by reverendtriiiggafinga October 23, 2008
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