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The kind of person that answers questions not adressed to him and mentions all his achievements in life in the answer to the question, even if it had nothing to do with him, often to boost his/her low self-esteem.
That guy's a total malignity saying that.

Can't the malignity keep his and other people's bussines separate?
by Alex Koreston July 01, 2005
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ma·lig·ni·ty Audio pronunciation of "malignity" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (m-lgn-t)
n. pl. ma·lig·ni·ties

1. Intense ill will or hatred; great malice.
2. An act or a feeling of great malice.
3. The condition or quality of being highly dangerous or injurious; deadliness.
MALIG'NITY, n. L. malignitas. Extreme enmity, or evil dispositions of heart towards another; malice without provocation, or malevolence with baseness of heart; deep rooted spite.

1. Virulence; destructive tendency; as the malignity of an ulcer or disease.

2. Extreme evilness of nature; as the malignity of fraud.

3. Extreme sinfulness; enormity or heinousness; as the malignity of sin.
by Jon A. August 31, 2005
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