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Something that is used to hide your personality from the world because you think you aren't good enough when really you are beautiful on the inside and out.
Make-Up is a substance that only proves to everyone else that you don't like the way that God made you.
by Nope... yep April 05, 2018
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When someone feels insecure about their face so the cover it with make up.

Its used to make movies, clowns, and other events
She looked beautiful with no makeup.
by stanedits_ October 27, 2018
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A shadow that people tend to hide in
PERSON 1:Why don't you wear makeup?
PErson 2:Its just a shadow im not gonna hide behind
by shut.the.fuck.up May 10, 2015
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Most girls wear it, it’s fucking annoying because it gets on pillow cases
She wears too much fucking make up
by hekko March 20, 2018
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