Mail is a slang sometimes said softly during anal sex by heterosexuals or homosexuals. It is said right before the penis is inserted into the other person's anus.
Note: It is never shouted or written with an "!" because during so might scare the receiever or cause them to scrim and could cause anal rupture.
Proper way
A: "Hey there. Mail."
B: "Uhhwhwhhhh. Yessssssssss."

Not the proper way
A: "....MAIL!"
by Jim Blyth November 11, 2007
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Mail me my money, man!
They wanna take my mail!
by Jake November 22, 2003
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Shortened version of Ä°smail.
Can: Mail, what are you doing?
İsmail: please don’t call me Mail.
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Basically sexting only not as dirty (sexting is like talking dirty over text) its normally like a 11 to 16 year old thing and eventually will lead up to a meet(kiss with tounge)
I used to mail him but I dropped him because hes not that fit
by Thebiggingerboi February 02, 2019
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Friend_1: *something funny*
Friend_2: "MAIL! "
by Schroedinbug January 26, 2019
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J:ey what came in the mail today
T:*pulls out gun* STFU right now bitch
by TheAHHman January 14, 2021
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