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The correct way to pronounce the word "envelope".

The word envelope was borrowed into English from French during the early 18th century, and the first syllable acquired the pronunciation (ŏn) as an approximation to the nasalized French pronunciation.

Other similar words include envoy, encore, ensemble, entree, entourage, and entrepreneur.
"That idiot just corrected me on my (correct) pronunciation of the word envelope (onvelope) - what a goose!"
by uppercut July 29, 2009
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A mispronunciation of ''envelope''.
Get it right. It's pronounced ''en-vuh-lope''.
by David December 07, 2003
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The ghetto/ignorant/fuckin' A wrong version of pronouncing envelope. Be sure to destroy the next person you see, possibly including yourself, with words of chastisement and condemnation for these abortion failures.
"Hold up let me just open this onvelope..."
"Leave it closed then, it's an envelope in the real world."
by Jeb! November 22, 2016
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