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when a girl is so ugly, obnoxious or slutty, any guy will cringe at the mere thought of this girl, hence the action of repelling testicles
you want to invite EMMA??? ew no, she's ├╝ber testicle repellant.
by Adam Henaghan August 26, 2007

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email with incredible lag
GOD, this mail is taking forever
by adam henaghan July 22, 2008

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the beast within you that makes you laugh at completely inappropriate times, like a funeral, a breakup, when someone tells you of an ailment, or a dramatic movie that matters to the person you're watching it with
i was at my girlfriend's grandpa's funeral, and my roflmonster came out at the worst time possible!! i couldn't control it at all, but i didn't care for some reason
by Adam Henaghan March 22, 2008

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2 or more friends who are unconditional best friends from birth, who know each other inside and out. they're usually kind of annoying
those two are fetus friends
by Adam Henaghan August 19, 2007

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1) the obsession with war
2) the bush and nixon administration, who think war is the answer for everything
Cheney's a warshipper.
by Adam Henaghan August 19, 2007

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