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Bastardization of feria, the spanish word for money. Bay area urban slang for money. Normally used in ghetto/gangster circles.
How you git so much fetti ain't got no job, nigga?

I slang that yay. Thot chu knew.
by junior December 15, 2004
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"Say playa, you comin to the club dogg"

Excuse me good friend, will you be able to attend the social gathering point, my comrad.

"Can't homie, my fetti is on the injured list."

I will be unable to attend dear friend due to my shortage of funds.
by jpremo12345 June 27, 2007
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money, becomes fetti when it is thrown up in the air like confetti showering someone.
"Yo, we tryina come real about the fetti though" -Young Lay
by Clarke Anderson December 11, 2006
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bay area origin (northern califoolya). synonym for money, paper, scrilla, cream, etc.

paper money = federal notes. federal turned into fetti
those crack dealers are busy selling rocks and stacking they fetti up
by porkchop express January 25, 2005
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as in alan (the current hull city fc goalie).
stop bein a complete fettis you silly drab fettis.
by Rob Nash April 05, 2004
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