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I was humiliated by group of females because I had a limp dick. I fixed my little issue by using the magic beans.
by dabmaster101 May 29, 2016
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The female clit in a swollen, engorged condition caused by manual or partner stimulation.
Tanya worked her lover Mary's magic bean until Mary exploded in a massive, screaming, squirting orgasm.
by Eaton Holgoode July 02, 2009
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another term for clitoris, but can also be used for the vagina in general.
"can you believe she got some magic bean last night?"
by plantmomaha July 31, 2017
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describes little rocks that work better than other little rocks
I want to grow a giant beanstalk, got any magic beans?
Not the kind that bear magical fruit, I toot enough already.
by PseudoHigh February 10, 2012
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