"So how'd you like the concert?"
"Oh it was mad good."
"Yeah I know. Usher is mad hot!"
by amaran January 21, 2004
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1. insane
2. angry
3. very
4. cool
5. the best magazine ever
1. "Sosa" is mad if he thinks he has a brain.
2. I'm mad that they made Gigli.
3. These pills are mad dope.
4. Dat ho on the corner gots mad tits.
5. I shot someone for thinking that JAPANIMATION CRAP MONTHLY was the best magazine ever, so I get to go to Mad Magazine Heaven.
by EvilZak August 19, 2003
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1. (adj.) An adjective used to describe something that is of a large amount, or large quantity. Used most commonly in the New York area, meaning "a lot" or "lots of".

2. (adj.) Another adjective that is most commonly used in the NY area, meaning "very", "really" or "extremely".

3. (adj.) Another word for "angry", "upset" or "crazy". This is also the oldest known meaning of the word.
1. We smoked mad blunts.

2. I'm mad shot.

3. Bro, you mad?
by xmetl December 26, 2011
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a term meaning "a lot" or "very"; can be likened to the West Coast term "hella"
"Yo it's mad hot in here"
"That bitch is mad ugly son!Damn!"
by pinkpanther1313 November 25, 2006
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"Mad" By New Yorkers was created by Alex Garofalo back in 1990's. The word "mad" spread quickly through out the island because of its addiction of saying.
Alex- "That's MAD cool"-1996
Alex- "That's MAD far!"-2000
Alex- "Fuck that shit thats MAD gay"=2006
by Mr Marji September 9, 2006
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A large amount
(the more elongated the pronunciation the greater in quantity)
Kyle: yo eddy how many blunts are we gonna smoke?
Ed: Mad Blunts!
Kyle: How many is mad?
Ed: MMMMMMaaaaaaaaaadddddddd
by SickSurfr December 18, 2006
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