The emotion experienced by pissy people when someone taunts them, particularly on the internet.
I sound mad.
by aiju May 9, 2011
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team move adapt or die
"who are these fucking randoms"
by . April 9, 2003
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you cant believe something someone did or your're mad they did it
"i'm mad you actually just said that rite now"

"i'm mad you're wearing that trashy outfit lol"
by chinadoll130 May 8, 2010
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A anogram of AMD or Automated Micro Devices. Used by Intel zealots, who know by far that AMD chips are better and more cost effective, but refuse to admit it.
Intel Zealot:Your computer has a MAD chip doesnt it?
AMD Chip user: Fuck Off, you slut
by DjSatansfury November 19, 2003
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adj: (Created in North Babylon, NY to confuse the shit out of people using the other way of mad) Meaning not or negating the effects of the surrounding terms. Skills must be added to the end of the sentence when mad starts the sentence.
1. She's looking mad good today. (meaning she looks like shit)
2. I'm doing that like mad. (meaning I'm not doing that)
3. Mad I'm going there skills. (meaning I'm not going there)
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1.This guy is mad
2.He was so mad that he farted
by MaD-Keni April 13, 2003
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a multi-functional word: very/a lot/hard/etc. Accentuates any verb.
She was doin' some maaaad studying last night. She was mad jonesin' for that guy, last night.
by The Great One December 14, 1999
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