Used by pimpin' gangstas to describe something cool.
Doze are sum mad rims you be sportin'.
by Rosh April 20, 2003
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1. Lunacy. Insane or demented. A societal term for anyone unable or unwilling to mask their essential eccentricities.
Look at that mad tramp running around with his penis out.
by Dan F June 24, 2003
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1: Angry

2: Insane

3: Crazy; wild; cool; neat; magic; wicked; hella; awesome; desirable; nifty.

See also big mad
That mad scientist got mad and made a mad doomesday device.
by Hussassan August 2, 2005
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originated in miami, florida.

it means of great quantity or quality.
a lot, super, extremely, plenty.

this spinach quiche is mad good.

i just bought mad books at the store.

that bitch was mad ugly.
by sharktongue September 18, 2006
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Mad is when you hate someone for a short period of time (:
Him: I'm mad at you now.
Me: Oh so you hate me?
by Jack Stan February 19, 2012
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a slang word used to exaggerate by adding mad to a sentence like a shirt being mad fleek
''Man, that be MAD fleek''
by infarrt December 4, 2016
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replaces very. used in same terms as dumb
"i was up until 3 am last night"
"i was too i'm mad tired"
by realist 1 June 4, 2017
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