I just made a deal with the devil.. I sold my soul for an brand new television
by Alessio June 18, 2003
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An intangible imprint of your body in a virtual world.
I'm taking a few days off work for some soul searching.
by Dewey Decimal Kid July 25, 2006
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The Godson of James Brown and Princess of Aretha Franklin.
James Brown, the Godfather of Soul.
Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul.
by Mandingoe July 15, 2003
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having an outstanding aura, with a brilliant and loving attitude.
Being exceptionally well at a task.
Completeing a task with an indellible inquisitive nature or spiritual quality.
I love this job I do it well cause I got soul.
by Sun Rhythms October 14, 2004
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Soul is an advanced emo who reached the 'soul' level. Soul is someone who likes to think deeply and strange yet mysterious. Usually they're loved to be alone and keep thinking. The meaning of 'soul' is originated by Akuji Shinsetsu.
He reach the 'soul' and he is more mature than before.
by Akuji Shinsetsu May 26, 2008
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The musical elements of soul are influenced by the church. Gospel is an earlier version of soul.
Famous soul musicians include Otis Redding, James Brown, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Areatha Franklin, Bill Withers, Jackie Wilson and Marvin Gaye.
by pinksequin December 15, 2005
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The act of swearing on your soul, if you lie on Soul then the punishment is your soul in eternal damnation. So don't fucking lie!
Marylou: Bro i just fucked your grandma!

Jeanski: Dude! Soul?

Marylou: Nah, just playing.
by Twono, and vin October 24, 2009
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