5 definitions by Lionel Matson

a crazy bitch that needs to shave her beaver.
wow man I am never going to that whore house again. A crazy mad beaver bitch tried to gnaw off my willie.
by Lionel Matson February 21, 2008
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While a one night stand makes her feel used, a second hookup validates her worth. Then bail.
Remember that slut from the bar? Yeah, I used the rule of two on her.
by Lionel Matson December 27, 2011
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scientific term for an enormous wang, typically bigger than nine inches.
I am afraid to have anal sex with my girl because I think my biggerous wangerous will split her down the middle.
by Lionel Matson March 20, 2008
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1.) when an event, person or thing is extremely awesome or legit.

2.) when someone eats bad food, i.e. from a school cafeteria, which leaves him or her with really runny shits that burn the anus lining and surrounding anal areas. May lead to severe irritation of the sphincter rim and potent gaseous emissions.
1.) Kirby's edge garding skillz in Super Smash bros are most definitely hot flows.

2.) Wow I seriously just shat fatty hot flows all over the bathroom stall. It must have been that filthy gyro.
by Lionel Matson February 21, 2008
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Anytime someone has an unusually green shit. Such an act is likely to take place the day after St. Patrick's Day because of the high amount of green food dye consumed.
Dude 1: Wow, I dont know what I ate yesterday, but I had a mad case of St. Patrick's Day shits this morning and got it all over the bathroom wall.
Dude 2: Holy shit! It looks like Gumby exploded in the your bathroom!
by Lionel Matson April 6, 2008
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