Performing any sexual act. Usually used when referring to handjobs or blowjobs.
While you and your girlfriend are eating steak in the movies, I will wait outside.
by Poly Coke December 30, 2008
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The same thing as Steak & Blow Job Day, but you cut the steak up into tips and apply around the penis and have a female eat the steak with steak sauce while she is sucking your penis. This holiday is celebrated on March 14th
Cook & Cut the steak its Eat My Steak & Blow Job Day!
by PrestyPoo June 1, 2012
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a conservative term for "Fuck off Asshole!", when children present.
1st person: Your momma is so poor i saw her kicking a can down the street and i said 'what bitch, you movin?'

2nd person: Eat a steak
by Logan &Steffani June 18, 2008
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