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To attempt to quickly and deviously fuck people over by any means necessary for ones own personal advancement.
My Machiavellian step-daughter attempted to extort money from me and ruin my reputation when I divorced her mother.
by crappieguide December 30, 2013
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Someone who is extremely good at manipulating and deceiving people for their own selfish gain. Examples of Machiavellians include, but are not limited to: IRS scammers, sugar daddys, e-girls, e-prostitutes, black hat hackers, Donald Trump, your girlfriend (potentially), sketchy sellers on Aliexpress, and that guy down the street who claims he is homeless.

If you are a Machiavellian, please do take note that machiavellianism begets machiavellianism. Research has shown that people who have been psychologically manipulated are more likely to manipulate others.
Dude 1: So I heard you bought some custom videos from this e-girl on Reddit, how'd that go for you?
Dude 2: Extremely bad. I thought she was legit and everything, she even showed me a screenshot of the video, but once I had paid her she never replied back.
Dude 1: Damn dude, I mean I wouldn't have trusted some random internet girl in the first place. The online sex market is filled with Machiavellians, y'know?
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by UltimateDoge April 27, 2021
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