it means I'm because if you pronounce m' it just the same as I'm but in a lazy or slang way this is uncommon so not a lot of people know.
mom: how's school today? you seemed a bit off..
karen: m' just tired and stressed
by bitchgirl108 October 25, 2020
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Meet, mary, and mate. Catholic version of animal sex.
In biology class, we learned that some female seagulls m,m,m with other female seagulls.
by Bad C dev March 1, 2021
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M&M, a chocolate candy covered in a hard layer of an artificial color. Can come with a peanut center, or a simple chocolate center.
M&Ms are my favorite candy treat, they're great on ice cream!
by Anonymous April 1, 2003
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smiley symbolizing one who appreciates or is listening to rock music
\m/ (>.<) \m/ That song rocks!
by Richard Spitler September 23, 2007
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person #1: dude im going to an iron maiden concert!
person #2: sweet! \m/ >_< \m/
by Justin Turner September 7, 2006
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Michaila&marshawn...the first letter of each name...Michaila and marshawn went out, then broke up...Michaila still likes marshawn, but doesn't know if he still likes her
Person 1) do u remember when m&m was a thing
Person 2) yes, m&m 4 life
by Mckaykay2239 February 23, 2017
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Fat Kid 1: *pants heavily* man, this is one exhausting hike

Kid 2: dude we're walking across the street to your house

Fat Kid 1: *oblivious* it's cool i brought some M&M's to keep me going
by NotSoSlimShady6969 September 28, 2013
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