To be said in a mock Northern English accent, try Yorkshire. Usually by someone of antipodean descent in order to convey appreciation to a task that they have just given to you, this is usual a task that would come second in preference to inserting a sharp metal object into both ocular cavities.
Can you just make these 300 changes please? luvly.
by Barry Bethel June 03, 2008
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A lie told to easy someone you care about,s feelings,health,sanity.
I told my wife I wasnt out with her sister when I really was ,I told this luvlie because she might have a stroke if I told the truth.
by Cadillac Crumb December 10, 2019
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sold in a cardboard, pyramid shaped container, sold by IDRIS ( I think ) in the early 50's.
by Nobby February 06, 2004
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A luvli is a moshi monster resembling a cherry with a face, wings and legs. They have big eyes and a star on the end of their stalks that is magic
Eva had a luvli named Destiny.
by Sunny Dancer April 24, 2015
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