8 definitions by Canazza

what gay lions do instead of roaring
RARGH! I'm a left wing liberal terrorist who believes in facsim!
by Canazza July 23, 2003
to smite the imbeciles of the world wide web
"I canazzaed a newbie today"
"Yep, i told him - 'you have to upload a file before people can see it'"
"What a dogzer"
by Canazza February 28, 2003
Swearword, generally used by b3tans (who reside at b3ta.com)
whadayamean that pic's been done before?! - Oh fucksocks
by Canazza March 30, 2003
Stupid moronic chat bot used by clubsoft usually on Blitzed net #tgf or #apocalypticcoders
* canazza kills b0rk by setting a gay Peter Pan onto him.
* b0rk a cellphone
by Canazza March 30, 2003