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someone who seems to always be present bu unnoticed
Mongo: That kid Tonto is a lurker.
Thor: He is creepy.
Tonto: I am right here.
by Grimace April 09, 2003

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Person/persons who likes having sex with members of law enforcement.
Sheena like's to have sex with cops. She's a real pig fucker.
by Grimace July 21, 2003

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To deposit waste products on a person's head.

cleveland steamer
That poor nurse, I Hugh Houghtoned all over her face.
by Grimace January 21, 2005

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Shalalah is basically having explosive diarhea after eating Indian food. Comes from the name Shalimar the restaurant where my friends and I ate at least one a week and would destroy the bathroom afterwards
Frenchy had to Shalalah after lunch today.
by Grimace October 08, 2003

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The rocket launcher in Halo for x-box. You use it to tell everyone who's boss.
Oh shit! He got the boss-teller, games over now.

You got boss-told!!!
by Grimace November 30, 2004

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a loser
Pullman is a stretch dog
by Grimace October 08, 2003

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One of the characters from the old McDonald's commercials. Rubble Rubble.
by Grimace August 29, 2003

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