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amazing convenience store located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virgina I believe. Out of the 517 Wawas, PA is home to about half. A great place for hoagies, buffalo blue chicken sandwiches, cigarettes, and the famous Wawa coffee. And for your information, no beer is sold at Wawa in PA, NJ, and DE. I've never been to one in VA or MD but who knows. The reason Wawa hasn't gone national is due to the fact that every wawa is located within a day's drive of the dairy, located in southeast PA. They couldn't possibly deliver fresh (Amoroso) rolls and milk and bread to other western and southern states.
Yo man I gotta hit up wawa to tap MAC for free and buy smokes. Hell, mine as well get an italian hoagie and some lemonade iced tea also.
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 15, 2004

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New Jersey
As Bob approached the border of PA, he could see the sign that always brightened his day up:
"Welcome to Pennysylvania."

"Ahhh, I feel better already" thought Bob.
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 04, 2004

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derogatory term for african american or nigger. What makes schmoogie different is that you can say it around blacks and they don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Hey Frank, look at that schmoogie! He's waving at us but doesn't know we're calling him a racist name. Brilliant!
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 05, 2004

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The only listenable rap group in the world, so they make up for the fact that they are Canadian.
"Fuel Injected"
"Long Way Down"
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 06, 2004

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doing wetback work i.e. mowing the lawn, weedwacking etc.
After a hard day of wetbacking, Joe and Bill knocked back a couple Coronas and MGDs.
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 06, 2004

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Hot summers, cold winters, Cheesteaks (not philly cheesesteaks you non-Pennsyvanian fucks. Yeah the roads are shitty, it's boring to drive to. But hey the beach is an hour away, the mountains are an hour away, Philly is a dump, especially west and north, looks like a bomb fuckin hit it. I live in the east and I'm no snobby fucker like these people say. But I guess PA is filled with a lot of assholes, the South East especially, but I haven't really been to western PA. State College is cool and so is Centralia (there is a mine fire burning underground and you can see smoke and steam vent from breaks in the ground, good daytrip. oh and another thing, people around here say wooder or as you assholes call it "water" damn sounds gay said like that. Home of Rolling Rock, Yuengling, Hershey's, Heinz, Herr's, cheesesteaks, pretzels, bars on every corner, lots of NRA members, Upper Darby High School (my alma mater with a whooping 3,900 fucks roaming around it right now). I think wiggers spread here from New York? Maybe Jersey.
Let's get a case of beer and go watch the Flyers down the shore with wooder ice and cheesesteaks. Can you understand that gay midwest and California?
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 04, 2004

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A surgical procedure in which the rectum and anus are moved to a more convenient location.
Tim always carried around breath mints to hide his shit breath. After all, you can't maintain a relationship if your g/f tastes poop on your lips every time you kiss. Tim should have waited a few years for that anal relocation.
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 03, 2004

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