34 definitions by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR)

When a girl is giving you a rusty trombone, you relieve yourself and discharge a nice, thick log of shit about half way, then your partner starts to suck on the shit like it's a big cock.
This chick was lickin' my ass, and I was prairie doggin', then she started sucking on my shit like it was Dick Ram Bone or something.
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Prompt removal of the anus due to infection or for cosmectic purposes.
Fred, does this dress make me look fat?
Yeah, it does. Maybe you should get an analectomy.
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A disease affecting the anal lung canals, caused by someone sucking up to you too much
Wow man, your '85 Chevy Citation is the nicest car on the block! Do you think you could lend me 10 dawlers?
Quite blowing smoke up my ass, you're gonna give me anal lung cancer
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A medical professional who is basically a psychologist of the anus. He/she uses standard mental health procedures to comfort the distraught anus.
"So Mr.Poo, how are you doing?"
"Well, I've been really itchy and my brother, Nuts, has cancer. It's tough."
"I think I can provide you with some free samples of anal prozac."
"Thanks doc, you're the best analogist in 3 counties."
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Biography of an anus. Most common among celebrities.
"What book are you reading?"
"The Analization of Mel Gibson"
"He has an analography already?
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A surgical procedure in which the rectum and anus are moved to a more convenient location.
Tim always carried around breath mints to hide his shit breath. After all, you can't maintain a relationship if your g/f tastes poop on your lips every time you kiss. Tim should have waited a few years for that anal relocation.
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a scale which determines how much seismic anal activity is going on, commonly found in laboratories on the anal fault lines in the Cinnamon Ring of Fire, which is a ring of anal volcanoes throughout the pacific. When the anal richter scale hits a 10.0, code red anal is apparent and people flee to save their assholes
Seismologist 1: Oh my god! We have code red anal, I repeat, code red anal! Evacuate Hawaii before a oop attackhits them with g forces of an anal nuclear H bomb!

Seisomolgist 2: AHHH! The poo! Hit the deck and plug your assholes! This could get messy!
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