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Hot summers, cold winters, Cheesteaks (not philly cheesesteaks you non-Pennsyvanian fucks. Yeah the roads are shitty, it's boring to drive to. But hey the beach is an hour away, the mountains are an hour away, Philly is a dump, especially west and north, looks like a bomb fuckin hit it. I live in the east and I'm no snobby fucker like these people say. But I guess PA is filled with a lot of assholes, the South East especially, but I haven't really been to western PA. State College is cool and so is Centralia (there is a mine fire burning underground and you can see smoke and steam vent from breaks in the ground, good daytrip. oh and another thing, people around here say wooder or as you assholes call it "water" damn sounds gay said like that. Home of Rolling Rock, Yuengling, Hershey's, Heinz, Herr's, cheesesteaks, pretzels, bars on every corner, lots of NRA members, Upper Darby High School (my alma mater with a whooping 3,900 fucks roaming around it right now). I think wiggers spread here from New York? Maybe Jersey.
Let's get a case of beer and go watch the Flyers down the shore with wooder ice and cheesesteaks. Can you understand that gay midwest and California?
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Prompt removal of the anus due to infection or for cosmectic purposes.
Fred, does this dress make me look fat?
Yeah, it does. Maybe you should get an analectomy.
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A disease affecting the anal lung canals, caused by someone sucking up to you too much
Wow man, your '85 Chevy Citation is the nicest car on the block! Do you think you could lend me 10 dawlers?
Quite blowing smoke up my ass, you're gonna give me anal lung cancer
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When you go through the exact same stages of puberty, common among males ages 18- 36 and Puerto Rican women
"Puberty's better the second time around!"

"This puberty came with a vagina, too!" shouted Bobby.
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A very thin bitter light beer brewed in Latrobe near Pittsburgh, PA. I think its drank out there the most, but it is drank around Philly too. One of a kind love or hate kinda beer.
"Who wants a rock?"

"Cool we have crack tonight?"

"No you nigger, rolling rock not crack!"

"I'll pass. Bring on the natty!"
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doing wetback work i.e. mowing the lawn, weedwacking etc.
After a hard day of wetbacking, Joe and Bill knocked back a couple Coronas and MGDs.
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When your urine comes out with the deepest shadow-like black shade. This is most common after eating fried chicken, black eyed peas, collard greens, watermelon, biscuits, or a hot eight piece all together.
After watching the Family Matters marathon, Karl ripped the most cooney piss of his life, shattering the ceramic toilet bowl.
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